4 Things We Need to Start Building Now

Jay-R Ortega

January 22, 2021

The year 2020 was a year unlike any other. Because of what we experienced last year, I realized that our lives are made up of things that we have built overtime. 

All of us are builders and it is just a question of whether what we have built will stand the test of time. And just like anyone who has endeavored to build something, it must be clear to us what we want to build in our lifetime.

What are the things that we should start building now?

1. Character

Where we anchor our trust is crucial in order for us to withstand and weather different storms of life. I learned that resilience is necessary if you want to thrive and survive in this life. Life is not a sprint but a marathon, and that is why we have to be more concerned about finishing the race than just running fast. 

I firmly believe that if a person has a well-grounded and resilient character, he may be shaken or put down by trials and difficulties but he will not stay down. He will stand up again and keep moving forward by always choosing to see the positive side in every challenge that he is facing.

It is worth celebrating that we have survived last year’s unfortunate events, but let us not stop growing and cultivating a resilient character that will be truly beneficial in every season.

2. Good Habits and Skills

Did it cross your mind how much time we all have now? While it is true that the time we spent commuting from our house to our campus has been replaced with reading modules, downloading and watching videos, and doing group work, we can still manage our time wisely by using it to build good habits and useful skills.

If our goal is to be better in the things we are doing, we must think about where our time is spent. Having good habits will be very important in honing useful skills because all kinds of skills demand time and effort to be developed. And if you’re able to keep up with the discipline of building good habits, it will reward you by helping you break your bad habits as well.

Here are some of the useful skills that you can focus on building this year:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Oral and Written Communication Skills
  • Financial Skills

3. Key Relationships

The crisis has also made us realize how valuable our relationships are with our family, friends, and mentors. That is why it is just right to focus on building these relationships this year.


Have you noticed that when everything in the world is shaking, we can experience comfort in the arms of our loved ones? Our family may not be perfect, but it is one of the places where we can find peace and security. This is the perfect time to start meaningful conversations over a meal, to play games and spend time with your siblings, or to release forgiveness to a relative who might have hurt your feelings.

For those who find it awkward and difficult to deepen your relationship with your family, take one day at a time. A step towards a better relationship is far better than no steps at all. Bear in mind that each step that you take will bear fruits that all of you will enjoy.


Genuine friends have a unique way of amplifying our joy and lessening the weight of the burdens that we carry. Regardless of our personality, we are all called to flourish with others.

Last year’s events have tried to pull us away from meaningful relationships, but we should not let this continue. We have to stay connected to our life-giving relationships. A simple gesture of scheduling a call is a big help for you and your friends to inspire each other to live with hope in a world filled with troubles.


We think too highly of the internet if we think that articles and videos online are enough to guide us in every season of our lives. While resources on the internet are helpful, they are not enough to guide us all throughout our lives. That is why we need mentors.

Mentors are people who are ahead of us in season and wisdom, and thus can offer practical advice and straightforward questions that help us focus on what matters in life. They are willing to not just point us in the right direction, but to walk with us towards the right direction.

4. Next Generation

When we think about shaping the future, we usually think about the latest innovations in technology or the recent discoveries of science. While this is true, it is still the next generation of leaders that will have a much greater impact on shaping our future.

Our current situation is a cumulative effect of the decisions we have made years ago. So if we want our decisions to have a positive effect on our future, we need to start now. A simple encouraging message or an offer to help in accomplishing school works will have cumulative effect. If we make the right decision of building the next generation today, we will surely reap its benefits in the long run.

Regardless of whether this year is a year of building or rebuilding for you, may you be a wise builder who builds what truly matters in life and on the sturdy purpose and word of God, rather than on the shaky promises of the world.


The Author

Jay-R Ortega

Jay-R serves as a pastor and campus missionary in Victory and Every Nation Campus U-Belt. He desires to raise the next generation of leaders who will uphold servant leadership, righteousness, and manhood in our society. He loves sports, books, and music.