Ray and Malou de Guzman

Pastor Ray and Malou de Guzman experienced the love of God as a Father in their teen years. As freshmen students in a university, they became good friends pursuing the purposes of God. After 8 colorful years of faith, hope and love, they were married in 1999. As a young family, they were given the privilege to serve Christ with their beloved spiritual family. After 22 years of graciously serving, the pandemic has drastically changed their lives. In this new chapter, with the same verse back when they got married on their wedding day, now with their children, Daniel (21) and Allison (12), they will steadfastly, faithfully, passionately and by His all sufficient grace, press on to live with and for the next generation in mind and heart, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15). Pastor Ray and Malou just recently co-authored an illustrated book entitled, “When the World was too Heavy to Carry.”