Making the Most of Your Remaining Days in School

Cza de Leon-Rola

April 05, 2019

The last few months of your college years have arrived. Thesis is done. The grades are out. No more projects to submit. No more exams to take. In the last few days of your student years, will you leave with regrets or with a sense of fulfillment?

When we know that our time in the campus is limited, our perspective shifts and we end up with a desire to maximize the time we have left.

Your life in college gave you the chance to maximize or waste your opportunities, relationships, and learning. But whether you have made the most of your years in college or not, the good news is that it’s not yet too late! You can use your remaining days in school to make a positive impact in your campus.

You can still make things right.

Have you had friendships and relationships that ended up badly? Are there people who have hurt you or offended you?

In the book One Month to Live, Kerry and Chris Shook wrote that forgiveness is not a matter of emotions. Forgiveness is a conscious decision. It is obedience to God’s command. We forgive others, regardless of who’s right or wrong. When we forgive, it’s like we’re saying, “God, I choose to forgive them by Your power because it is Your command and because it’s for my own good.”

In your remaining days at school, I hope that you find it in your heart to release forgiveness to those who have hurt you and to ask for forgiveness from those you’ve offended. It’s the perfect time to make things right, for your own good and for theirs.

You might be surprised by what you gain after making that decision.

You can still make a difference.

Failure is neither fatal nor final. In fact, failures can even serve as reminders to mark important milestones and memories in life. When you use failure to gain wisdom in life, you can eventually share your experiences so that others can also learn from them.

Inspire younger students to persevere in school and in life. Share your tried-and-tested college survival tips. Your years of experience in college give you the platform to make a difference in their lives as an ate or kuya.

You can still make every moment count.

How do you make the remaining days count? Choose to celebrate life than to live with regrets.

We are more than just a product of the choices we’ve made. This is because the grace of God at work in our lives is stronger than our mistakes and failures. The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning! (Lamentations 3:22,23)

Knowing this truth helps us have hope for the future.

Graduating causes us to evaluate which relationships are worth keeping. This is the best time to appreciate the people who have helped you grow in your season as a student. Reflect on the things you’ve learned and appreciate the relationships you’ve built.

Make the most of your days by expressing your gratitude toward them and recognizing the impact they’ve made in your life.

Get ready to face the inevitable.

Seasons change and life happens. Transitions are inevitable. Accepting the truth that you will enter a new season will help you number your days well and value every moment.

As you enter a new season, accept the reality that you will learn new things along the way.

So enjoy your remaining time in school and be hopeful for greater things are up ahead.

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Psalms 90:12


The Author

Cza de Leon-Rola

Czarina Rola is a campus missionary in Victory U-Belt. She loves cooking Bicol Express, reading books, and binge-watching post-apocalyptic movies. She is married to Jonas, who is also a campus missionary. They plan to have three baby Rola's soon.