Paano na ang Pasko kung walang pera, pamilya, at pag-ibig?

Arby Petel

December 17, 2019

Christmas Day is just around the corner, and I’m pretty sure most of us have already attended at least one Christmas party or have received a Christmas present. Some of us have several parties and a few out-of-town trips scheduled. Most of us are already in a festive mood, excited to celebrate Christmas.

There’s a group of people who desperately wish they could be present at reunions but couldn’t because they’re still loaded with school requirements to complete. Kaya ba this sem?

There are also those who are ready to prepare for a romantic, memorable, and extra-special Christmas dinner date that will surely make their loved one feel the kilig factor, but couldn’t because they’re single and that special someone is just a figment of their imagination. (Cue Kathang Isip: pasensya na sa mga kathang isip kong ito). Mukhang malamig na naman ang Pasko.

There’s yet another group of people who have tons of gifts ideas on their “add to cart” tab, but they’ll just remain as ideas because they’re short on budget. Yung hanggang tingin na lang muna.

If your only Christmas plan is to be online, adding stuff on your shopping cart without checking out or writing “sana all” or “sene ell” on comment sections, then we have better and budget-friendly ideas for you that can make this season a more meaningful one.


1. Get yourself adopted for Christmas Eve.

Ask a close friend if they could bring you to their Christmas Eve dinner celebration (with his/her parents’ permission of course!), and relentlessly insist on doing the dishes afterwards. You’ll be doing a lot of them afterwards, but being full and tired on Christmas eve is better than being alone and hungry, don’t you think? If there was ever a better time na maging kaladkarin, this is it.

More importantly, don’t come empty handed! Bring the most important, yet often forgotten, element in dinner parties: ice cubes. Beverages are not as refreshing as they should be when they’re not ice cold. So buy some at the nearest convenience store for no more than 50 pesos!


2. Send letters!

Here’s a gift idea that’s budget friendly: letters! In this day and age of instant messaging, the novelty and value of handwritten letters have been forgotten. People no longer know what it means to receive a long, heartfelt letter expressing how much they are loved, affirmed, appreciated, and valued.

Don’t underestimate letters! Nowadays, bills are the only mail that people receive, which cause a bit of sadness and dread. But when you send letters which you have poured your heart and soul into, you’ll be surprised how much your loved ones will appreciate them! [At least, ‘di lahat galing kay Judith! You’ll meet Judith (due date, get it?) more often in the future when you begin working!]


3. Reflect on the True Meaning of Christmas.

You could be present in a hundred Christmas parties and receive one thousand gifts this season and still miss why we celebrate Christmas: Hope has come in Christ Jesus.

The Bible tells us that this hope is a trustworthy and strong anchor for our soul.

This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. . . .

Hebrews 6:19


Reflect on those times you cried out to the Lord in weakness and said you couldn’t do it anymore and yet here you are—you’re still standing and you’re moving forward. Kinaya mo.

Remember that this is all because Christ held the ropes for us, strengthened us, and loved us unconditionally. And He will continue to do so. Kaya Niya.

Kinaya mo kasi kaya Niya.

And if we simply take time to thank God for His unending love for us and for His all-sufficient grace for us that is reflected in Immanuel, “God with us,” then we have made this Christmas a more meaningful one.


The Author

Arby Petel

Arby Petel is a full-time staff of Victory Davao. He is a lover of coffee, history, and good company. He hopes to write a book someday.