“I Feel Overwhelmed! What Will I Do?”

Kaye Olivar

October 14, 2020

Ever since the lockdown started a lot of us have been through many roller coasters of emotions and deeply hidden pain. 

Now, your social media feed is no longer just about funny memes, what you ate that day, the clothes you wore, or a throwback to the good old “normal” days. Your feed is also filled with every issue you can come across with.

In the past weeks, you’ve come to realize that the worst you’ve imagined about online classes is nothing compared to the pressure and demands they entail today.

Wow, you’ve been through so many things these past months, haven’t you? Now exhaustion is creeping in.

Every day seems to be a drag and the only motivation you have is, Okay, kailangan matapos ko ‘to. Your weekends are now filled with activities and reminders to study for upcoming exams. And when you take a rest from schoolwork, all you hear is negative news that makes you want to give up altogether.

Exhaustion isn’t just for the body, but can be experienced by the heart and mind as well.

No human is powerful enough to carry on his own the burdens this life brings.

Even youths shall faint and be weary, and young men shall fall exhausted; but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

Isaiah 40:30,31

When was the last time you had an unhurried time with God?

“Even youth shall faint . . . young men shall fall exhausted; but they who wait for the Lord . . .”

Why is it important for us to wait on God?

1. When we wait on God, He renews our strength.

To wait on God means we go to God for every issue we have in our hearts. 

We don’t just go, but we “run.” Let’s run as fast as we can and then wait—wait for Him to speak over our broken hearts, our tired minds, and our depleting hope. We wait on His words to run like water through the dry areas of our lives until the water carves the dry ground and creates a river that carries His glory and gives life to everything it passes.

When we pause everything just to pour out our hearts before God, He promises to renew our strength.

Isn’t it amazing how God allows the strength He deposited in us to run out so that our weak bodies will always long for His renewal? Wait on God; He’s the rest you’ve been looking for.

On whose strength are you fighting with today?

2. When we wait on God, He gives us wings like eagles.

Do you know how eagles renew their strength? When an eagle gets old, it has two options: either to die or to go through a painful process of “molting.”

When an eagle decides to molt, it flies high on a mountain top and sits there to endure this process that takes 150 days. The eagle breaks its beak on a rock, and after its beak grows back, it will start to pluck its feathers. It then waits about five months until its feathers grow out and then it soars high in the sky. After enduring this long and painful process, the eagle will live for another 30 years.

What a creature right? Isn’t it awesome how creation subdues itself under its Creator’s process of renewal? When you feel like you’re consumed, go on the mountain top and meet God. Go to a quiet place to pray and seek God. Let Him take you on a process of plucking out things in your life. Allow Him to break through everything that has been clinging on to you, things that have become so heavy that they start pulling you down.

Give Him space to change the way you think. Allow Him to redeem what your hardships have taken away. Let Him process everything you’re experiencing today.

A preacher once said, “The safest place to be broken is in the presence of God.”

When the molting season ends, you will soar high again.

3. When we wait on God, we will run and not grow weary.

Go back to the One who breathed life in you. In the busyness of your season, I pray that you won’t forget that you have God whose power is limitless and untouched by any crisis.

Your sufferings are not an indication of His cruelty or absence but are rather clear evidence that we need Someone much greater than us. When you feel like you’re reaching the end of yourself, it’s because you were never meant to run on your own strength.

Jesus, the Savior of the world, knew that to get to His mission, He must keep going back to His Father to seek Him for Himself. On our own, we will reach some depth in our potential. But with God, we will land on our purpose. 

To beat exhaustion, let us wait on God. 


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The Author

Kaye Olivar

Kaye is an incoming Campus Missionary from Every Nation Campus Bataan. She’s an ENFP who loves to do random things, write, call her dog just to tease him, or read a good book. When she’s not serving the students in the campus, she’s by her window, painting book covers, just for fun.