What’s the Point of Getting a Mentor?

Faith Reyes

October 22, 2020

Growing up, we may remember countless moments in life where we relied on someone we trust for advice or guidance. Whether in a school project, for a personal problem, or for work, we know that having someone to guide us is an advantage.

Everybody needs a mentor in life.

We often don’t realize our need for a mentor because of our tendency to try to figure things out by ourselves, especially now that everything can be accessed online. Who needs a mentor when you can just watch tutorial videos or inspirational messages on YouTube, right?


While some online personalities may be a great resource for wisdom or advice, having real-life mentors can provide something that a person on your screen could not: their actual presence in your life.

Do you have people in your life that can push you to think? Do you have someone who will patiently listen to you and ask you hard questions to help you assess your heart?

I realized that mentoring is not just an option, but a necessity if we actually want to grow or mature. We can’t mature on our own.

What Mentoring Is

Mentoring happens on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting. Regardless of the setup, a mentor is an important source of wisdom and encouragement in times of crisis.

I remember one experience I had with a mentor while facing a challenge. I thought I had it all figured out, but throughout our conversation, I began to realize that this person was drawing out the answers I truly needed. Thanks to her and her hard questions, I developed a clearer direction. 

As John Crosby said, “Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” 

What makes mentoring essential and important is not just the knowledge and wisdom that we acquire, but the relationships that are built. Mentoring is not just a one-time thing but a series of conversations that leads to a lifetime of meaningful relationships. 

It takes commitment to stick with a mentor. It takes time, effort, and openness. It may seem like a lot of work, but as we understand the importance of mentoring, it will make a positive impact on our life and leadership.

Having a mentor can help you fulfill your purpose in life.

Successful people had good coaches or mentors, may they be athletes, politicians, or businessmen. 

As we go through life, we will always encounter roadblocks, uncertainty, and challenges, which is why we need mentors in every stage of our lives.

According to John Maxwell, “One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.”

Mentors are generous in sharing their personal experiences. One former mentor told me to listen carefully to my mentors’ stories to be spared from unnecessary distress and avoidable mistakes. I can never overemphasize how true that is, because it saved me from a lot of potential heartbreak.

Mentors are people who will tell the hard truth in love with the purpose of pushing us toward growth. They encourage us to develop habits that will build us up as a person. In retrospect, I can’t help but be grateful to my mentors for looking beyond my façade and asking me hard questions about the true condition of my heart.

Find a mentor now!

Finding a mentor is a challenge, especially if you do not know where to begin; but with the right heart and by being intentional, it is possible. We can use technology as our leverage to converse and build relationships with mentors who will look after us, walk beside us, and challenge us to grow.

If you do not have a mentor or a coach yet, you can start by sending us a message here.

In Every Nation Campus, we are passionate in empowering students for Leadership, Integrity, Faith, and Excellence. We desire to see young people become successful and make a difference in the world. 

If you already have a mentor, thank them for their wisdom and even their generosity with their time. Someday, it will be your turn to mentor and coach the next generation.

Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counselors there is victory.

Proverbs 11:14 (NASB)



The Author

Faith Reyes

Faith Reyes is a campus missionary from ENC Pioneer, is married also to a missionary, has an adopted dog named Toffee and is a zero waste advocate.