“Lord, I’m stressed and overwhelmed. . .”

David Laureta

April 12, 2021

We’ve seen the surge in cases.

We’ve seen our feeds slowly turning into an obituary.

We’ve seen so much negative news, it seems impossible all that happened in a day.

Yet we find ourselves back to square one, a year later.

Yet the deadlines for our school work still continue to approach.

Yet our requirements keep piling up.

Honestly, everywhere we turn, we’re threatened to be overwhelmed. We feel drowned by all the things coming at us all at the same time, like being drowned out by a stormy sea.

Sometimes, we wonder, “Why do I still resist with hope? Why don’t I just let the wind sweep me off and the waves to devour me whole?”

Then I remembered Peter. He saw the wind, the waves, the rain. 

He too was overwhelmed. 

He took a bold step but he literally began to drown.

But when he saw the wind, he was afraid, and beginning to sink he cried out, “Lord, save me.” (Matthew ‭14:30‬)

Yet, he did something most of us tend to forget—call upon the Lord to save us. Often we go and insist our way first, and then cry out to Jesus as the last resort.

Let us walk away from our old ways and start running to Jesus first instead of running elsewhere.

The good news is that we are never too far or too sinful from the reach of His grace. 

Jesus saved us because He loves us. 

He saved us because He is still working in us.

He saved us because He eagerly waits to fulfill His promise to never leave us nor forsake us every day.

You’re still worth saving.

You’re still worth perfecting. 

You’re still worth the price He paid on the cross.


Nothing can separate us from His love; surely not a storm, not even sin.

The storm halted as they came back to the boat.

Because of this, neither the smallest detail nor the greatest fears are beyond His rule and reign. He’s the only one who truly and fully understands how burdened and overwhelmed we are. 

And though His hands won’t be the ones to finish our backlogs and answer our exams, His gentle hands finish off the tyranny of fear and uncertainty over us and answer our doubts along the way.

We may have seemingly unending battles in our hearts and minds, but we have Him who is unwilling to give up fighting the wars on our behalf.

Let this truth compel us to pray, confidently ask, and humbly embrace a faith that walks on the sea of doubt and anxiety.

The storm may continue to rage all around us, but in the presence of Jesus there is safety, refuge, and security. 

Keep walking with Him.

Keep hoping in Him.

Keep depending on Him.

With Him, no storm or sin can overcome you.




The Author

David Laureta

David is a Laker-lifer and a full-time campus missionary at Every Nation Campus Katipunan. He loves to eat, to play and analyze sports, lip sync in groceries, and cover all these in his IG stories.